Recommendation For Small Access Control System With Integrated Intrusion Alarm?

Looking for an intrusion alarm system for 130 operable windows in a commercial building. Picture an "L" shaped building, 3 floors, 33K sq feet per floor. Each window is 2'x2'. Aluminum store front with a crank handle. Each floor has 2 IDF or Network Closets.

Ideally, the building will incorporate access control as well. Which combo panels/systems do you recommend, and why?

Thanks in advance.

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How many total doors/ doors per floor/ cardholders need to be managed?

The aluminum storefront framing won't be a big problem for access components like readers and strikes.

26 Doors - i guess that doesn't qualify as small.

i was trying to get the intrusion and access control to play under one piece of software

The only system that I am familiar with that is combo access/security that can do this many doors is Northern, bought out by Honeywell, I have not done one in over a decade, but may be worth looking at if you get no other response.

Hi Jason,

I work for Inaxsys based in Toronto. We represent ICT in Canada and I would suggest using our 100% browser based unified Intrusion and Access Control system called ProtegeWX. It's capable of handling 512 zones, 128 Doors, 32 Areas, 10000 users and buffers 50000 events. The cool thing about this product is it was designed from the ground up as a unified system with an extensive feature set for both intrusion and access control. The controller supports 2 doors, 4 readers, has an onboard dialer that can send signals to any monitoring station using CID, 8 zone inputs and a bell output for sirens. Modules allow you to expand the system.

Here's our website:

Let me know if you require any additional info. We also have an office in Colorado if you're US based.

If you want to also add video into the mix, you could consider INTEVO by Kantech. 256 readers, 10,000 card users, but only 32 IP cameras.