Receptionists - Have They Helped Or Hurt Your Security Efforts?

Michael Silva has a good article on The Receptionist's Role in Security.

Anyone have any stories or comments on how receptionists have helped or hurt security efforts you have been a part of?

I ran across this in an office building in NJ.

While not the most personable nor friendly, this receptionist never takes a break, doesn't draw a salary and has no need for a police sketch artist to render accurate descriptions of potential bad actors who enter the office.

Ha! Cloud receptionist, eh? What is the red rectangle do, display an LED ticker tape response? Or one way glass to the real receptionist?

P.S. I'm getting an Edison, NJ feel from it. Am I close? :)

yes, Edison.

I blocked out the name of the company with that red rectangle so as to not embarrass them for their redneck ingenuity. :)

That Axis receptionist made me laugh and all.... but I'm curious what Mike's (or anyone elses) thoughts are on the benefits (or efficacy) of using such a thing. Would it be off-putting to the people coming into your office?

I believe that is the M103x or 5x - which has it's own PIR sensors and two way audio. While nobody would recommend this set up for larger joints, for offices inside of office buildings (as in this pic) this could be a viable way of eliminating the liability of having a human exposed at a desk (which can be seen through a window, as this pic was taken) if a crazed gunman were to be stalking that particular hallway.

...if you have a hardened/locked entrance behind the receptionist area of course.

You could even set up the camera to play a pre-recorded: "Welcome to Red Rectangle - someone will be right out to meet you!" - when the PIR detects someone opening the door maybe.