Recent Foscam Offerings

I see the IPVM testing is from several years ago. Foscam seems to be offering much higher capability products now. I like the FI9828 outdoor PTZ camera (1.3m, H.264, 3x optical zoom) I have used about 30 of them at 3 different company locations with very good results. Is IPVM planning to test any of their recent megapixel offerings? What do other IPVM members think of these?

David, thanks for the question.

I don't think a lot of IPVM members use Foscam as its fairly low end but not as well supported / marketed / integrated as Hikvision (which has become the mega low cost provider in the last few years).

As such, we are not opposed to testing them but it's not as high a priority.

What VMS / recorder are you using with Foscam?

Btw, the FI9828 looks somewhat interesting, at ~$260 for a simple speeddome, is uncommon.

Also interesting is Foscam's attempt at a Dropcam killer, the C1.

A "me too" product perhaps, except it also has H.265 compression. Also rare is the fact that it's actually on the shelves at Best Buy. Though wal-Mart has it cheaper at $67.00.

Foscam's site does not list H.265 for this camera. Yes/no?

If you looked, I'm sure it doesn't...

It's weird both Wal-mart and Best Buy have it wrong, must be an error higher up the data food chain.

Also, odd is the fact that Foscam is undercutting Wal-mart on this camera, they apparently don't know how the game is played.