Recomendations For A Buried Cable Detection System

I am currently working on a high end residential security system that includes surveillance, intrusion, and zoned exterior motion lighting.   I have also been directed to utilize a buried cable detection system to secure the back yard from intruders hopping over a 6' full brick wall surrounding the back and sides of house.   If there is anybody that has experience with these types of systems and could recommend a reliable system would be very helpful.  Thanks!

So far the only two I have looked into is Senstar - OmniTrax and Southwest Microwave - Intrepid MicroTrack II.

In my experience, these systems aren't as 'reliable' as they are less expensive compared to other perimeter detection methods.

'Leaky coax' uses changes in an emitted EM field to detect movement. As such, soil types, surrounding masses (that may absorb EM), and the relative size and speed of 'targets' can all impact what is detected vs not detected. Leaky coax also requires regular maintenance and unkeep, as even minor changes to the installed cable impact performance.

Are you fixed on the solution here? Can you use another detection method?

Thanks Brian. I am not fixed on this solution, I should have the opportunity to present a couple options to them. What are your thoughts?

i have installed it in large residential, once a long time ago.

It works, mostly, provided it is installed strictly to the manufacturers instructions and maintained.

It doesn't like running water as I recall so drainage is an issue.

It REALLY didn't like the owner having their landscaper dig in 6 huge Palm Trees, cutting the cable multiple times after working closely with the contractor, landscape architect and owner.

In terms of alternate solutions, what about the camera analytics that'll trigger on crossing a 'line in the sand'?

You might look at a few of these solutions:


- their Siesmo product may be similar to what you're looking for


- if there is a controlled/restricted access environment, then this solution could provide video verification on the system as opposed to a simple zoned alarm

Disclosure: I am a rep for the lines.

Thermal cameras with crossing/directional based detection analytics would do the job as well. Plus no need to add any additional lighting.

I appreciate the information. I never heard of rbtec. Is the seismic device more reliable than the buried systems Senstar and SouthWest Microwave use?

Yes, much more reliable since it's less influenced from environmental conditions or ground type

Thanks everyone for the help with this. After some investigating we are going to look hard at the rbtech seismo solution.

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