Record DSLR Camera To A Raspberry Pi?

Hi Folks,

We are looking into a Rasberry for ftping a dslr photo instead of using an ip cam. Can anyone recommend a firm to write the software for that?


You mean a Raspberry Pi?

How will get the DSLR to transmit over an IP network?

EyeFi card and a hotspot, probably.

Cellular Router

<<How will get the DSLR to transmit over an IP network?>>


With Rasberry Pi, a lot of funcionality has already been written for you. Here is a link to something similar to what it appears you want to do. It uses a gPhoto, a free app that runs on Linux to transfer files off the dslr at a fixed time lapse. John H, I imagine the link to the DSLR would be USB rather than ethernet. The FTP from the Rasberry Pi to wherever you want could be initiated from either the Pi or a remote computer.


Depending on the DSLR, Nikon I know has Wifi attachments that you can setup to send the photos to a computer.

I use this one

Apprently they get pricey now.