Rack Mount Converters/Transceivers/Baluns For HD Analog?

An integrator asked this question. In the analog days, there were multiple options for switch/patch panel form factor UTP transceivers, like Altronix HubWay or NVT's Cable Integrator Hubs which allowed you to install 5e/6 cable and punch it down on patch panels and then patch into the UTP receivers, which output via coax to DVRs.

This let you cable things normally, instead of having to terminate cat cable into screw terminals or use standalone baluns which don't cleanly rack mount.

But do any of these platforms still work with HD analog? AHD, CVI, TVI? This integrator is looking at a project with existing analog cameras to be upgraded, but for new areas doesn't want to run coax, and doesn't want to use IP. Are there still options?