Questions About The Calculator

Hi John, I recently started using the calculator and I am loving it. I do have a couple questions about features.

1. Is it possible to change the colors or sizes of the camera stencils?

2. Is it possible to import stencils to add images of other items like a wireless network radios?

3. Is it possible to rearrange the order that the cameras are displayed when exporting such as to a PDF?

4. Is it possible to change the lens settings for cameras that have a removable lens?

5. Several people have asked me if the maps takes into account the height of the camera, will that be included?

Thank you.


Glad to hear you love the calculator! Thanks for the questions!

In reverse order,

(5) Factoring in camera height is on next month's to-do list. We've moved this up in priority because we have had multiple people ask. Look for it end of June.

(4) Which cameras specifically have removable lenses that we restrict to just that lens? In general, if the lens is removable, we try to leave it open but we may need to add a secondary option that allow for both.

(1, 2 and 3) are all good ideas. So far, we have been focused on core functionality but we do recognize that allowing for finer grain customization is important for more advanced users. That said, we still need to finish the mobile app so I do not think we will get to 1, 2 or 3 until end of this year at earliest.

Btw, for (3) re-ordering for PDFs, I'd recommend exporting to Word instead and then you can re-arrange the cameras however you want as well as add in more information, your branding, etc.

Let me know if you have feedback or if anyone else has questions.

Thanks for the reply John. Those are good suggestions as workarounds for now. I don't have specific cameras that I found where the focus was restricted. I just had not noticed that I could make the adjustment. Thank you. A couple more ideas have come up based on feedback from people I shared exported pictures with.

1. Is there a way to eliminate or use a blank scene when not in an area where Google's street view is available? Most people did not like the stock scenes.

2. We also would like to see the mm of the lens displayed as well as the angle and width of the view.


1, You can upload your own scene. And if you have suggestions of other scenes to add, we are happy to consider that. We are not going to put a blank scene because that essentially disables the feature.

2, the mm displayed where?