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Question About Microphones.

We rarely work with audio at our work, so I am reaching out to the world of IPVM!

We have a police station who needs some mics installed in the cell block area that needs to be tied into their Genetec system. Does anyone have any experince with Mics and phantom power supplies that can lend a hand on brand or model that may work?

It would be only 2 mics that would be installed and they would be placed on the ceiling of the cell block.

Contact Louroe, they specilaize in that business and will help you out.

Hi Ross, I'm actually in the middle of writing up an audio test/tutorial now, which should be up in the next week or two. So good timing on this.

In the past, I've used Crown PZM-11 mics in these applications with good results. They're available in phantom powered mic level output or DC powered line level. I typically recommend getting the line level mic and using a separate supply for people who aren't familiar with audio, because it's simpler, more cameras support line level than mic level inputs, and it doesn't require phantom powering or another interface.

Or, as Undisclosed says, Louroe is another option. They sell kits that are very simple to connect, and they're probably the most recommended name for audio in surveillance for this reason.

For clarity, the Louroe mics may also be powered by 12VDC and connected to line level inputs. I wasn't saying you absolutely needed the kit.

Thanks Ethan,

We also were looking into Crown PZM-11 But was trying to figure out what is the best phantom power to power 2 of these units and then have it wire back to Genetec.

We tried line level Mic T8451 I think it was from Axis and tested with Q1604 and did not have great results.

Louroe was helpful with a few options for us also that may be in the ball park of what our customer is requesting.

If you want a simple mic pre-amp with phantom power, look at RDL. They're simple to use, and about $100.

That is funny I have that amp on my screen already. Great minds think a like!

Do you know by any chance what kind of port Genetec system uses to receive audio inputs?

+1 for PZM (aka boundary) microphone for this application (whether Crown or otherwise) - they have good response for large areas and you can somewhat control/customize the pickup pattern with sound-absorptive materials.

First time I used them was in a church setup where they didn't have phantom power and were regularly going through the 6V lithium batteries for their inline power supplies because they'd always forget to turn them off after services; I picked up a couple basic 6V/300mA wall warts and just hard-wired them into the battery terminals. Something that takes external power and outputs line level is probably preferable in your case.

Keep in mind that, unlike cameras that show you only what they're aimed at, any type of mic is going to pick up ALL the noise in a room - someone talking on the far side of the room may be lost of general background noise on the near side... especially if it's all concrete and brick.

Perfect. This helps a ton and I will look forward to the audio write up you have.

I would need a PZM-11 NON LL correct? If I were to use it with the RDL.

Yes, correct.

Ross are the mics to be aimed at anything, like cells, or are they for all ambient sound? If the former then then this sony mic, ecm-cz10, is pretty awesome, it's phantom powered thru the audio in of the camera. Here is a link to a similar discussion with mostly the same commenters.

does Sony mic has few hundreds millivolt output or more ?
and by the way welcome back :)

They are just to pick up the 'Guests" sitting in the BTA room or the intake room. They do not want the camera and audio to be connected together I found out. They want seperate streams going into the Genetec.