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Pure IP Based Access Control

We are looking to take on (as a distributor) a pure IP access control line and have been exploring some options. e.g. Infinias. Something that currently integrates with leading VMS' (Milestone, Exacq, etc.) would be a requirement. I would greatly appreciate feedback and opinions from integrators in terms of features, competitive advantages, etc.

Access is a tough market for distributors to break into, because it is dominated by dealer-only lines like Lenel, Software House, S2, AMAG and so on. In contrast to video where leading camera and VMSes are more likely to be purchased through distribution than direct.

With that said, Axis/Milestone/Canon has a solid 2 door IP controller and VMS integration (ie: Axis & Milestone Enter Access Control). I don't know about the current state of distributorship agreements, but it isn't uncommon in the market. That could be a negative or positive, but it means reseller profits are already thin.

Of relevance, Infinias was just purchased by 3XLogic, but the impact to current future integration relationships has not been clarified yet.

ISONAS also claims tight integration with Milestone, but we cannot verify any of those claims absent a test.

ICT Protege GX (the enterprise line) also claims integration with Exacq, but again have not tested it.

Thanks guys.

We do sell a fair amount of access control (mostly small and medium size projects) and are doing well with supporting dealers with it. Just looking for a new Pure IP solution for the Enterprise projects (schools, etc. do go along with our strong Milestone offering) as a unified solution for our dealers.

Yes, the Infinias deal is what spurred me to post this actually, because not sure where that deal is going to end up.

ISONAS is a great suggestion and one that I plan on testing with Milestone in the next month, since we are running Milestone Enterprise for our own use.

I wil inquire on CEM with my Tyco rep, never heard of that actually

Hi Sal,

You specifically asked for dealers so I'll keep this short. We "master distribute" the full ICT line of products accross North America and Europe and it fits the bill of what you ask (it is integrated with both Milestone and Exacq as well as Hikvision, Dahua and 10 other video platforms). Bryan mentioned it above and it's definitely a product that fits very well into the distribution channel. Our role is supporting the ICT product line with distributors in NA and Europe.

Let me know if its something you would like to look into.

Mark, that's absolutely fine, I appreciate the response. I'm checking out your site right now.

Hello we have been using ICT/ WX IP alarm and access products for almost 10 years these products are manufactured in New Zealand but distributed threw Tri-Ed via Inaxsys security personal, I can assure you that we have been extremely satisfied with the features and reliability of these products compared to other integrated systems that we use ICT products are the only ones that integrates with many different video platforms and are the only security system that offer alarm/access integration using TCP/IP protocol.

Hope this his will help



This response is loaded with fluff.

"ICT products are the only ones that integrate with many different video platforms"

What does this mean? The market is full of access platforms that claim integration to many video platforms. Please clarify this, else I'll just delete it as being untrue.

"and are the only security system that offer alarm/access integration using TCP/IP protocol."

Again, what does this mean? Why is this important? How many alarm systems require integration via IP?

So is it a requirement that its an "independent" IP access control line, to integrate into multiple different VMS platforms? I think that's what you're asking, so that leaves out Genetec/HID/Mercury as an option. S2 would probably qualify, but their integration is to generally bring the video into the access control interface, which is IMO a bit clunky (albeit powerful and functional).

Is S2 available through distribution? If so, I think it is limited to certified dealers only.

I believe Nortek/Linear/IEI eMerge is the 'open distribution' version of S2's NetBox?

The Nortek/Linear/IEI is no longer an S2 rebranded product. They broke away from them a few years ago with their Emerge Essential product line.

That's great feedback! Thanks!

Any more information on this would be great. Just saw a price list with similar s2 part numbers and on support site, they refer to same version numbers and upgrade instructions as s2 (version 3.3. Version 4.x. Etc). They have essentials (pronto?) and enterprise (certified only, ??). I would like to approach the emerge customers with the oem net box, since we are s2 dealers, to upgrade to s2, but I can not seem to get a straight answer regarding the current hardware and software. On the linear website, it looks like s2.