Need Project Management Software - What Do You Recommend?

I currently have 19 projects underway at various stages, numerous service requests and minor installations, and a bunch of various other projects I am working on including some software design and other business ideas.

I want to be able to get timly information on the status of various projects when I want it. I am a system integrator and we have numerous disciplines. I feel like I am talking with my 16 year old Son as I try to ask enough questions to get answers from my techs, manager and/or project manager (this is just me venting).

I started of with Z-Micro "Alarms" and "Pursuit" 22 years ago and have added "Bid Magic" for some better looking proposals as well. Our accounting is through Quick Books.

Does anyone use a project management software program they like?



Do you need something that follows the AIA Contract Admin/ Project Management Forms template?

If you mainly do new construction project this may help narrow your choices. Otherwise, it is the 'wild west' in my experience, where custom applications are common.

Brian, what do you recommend for folks that need those forms? We were using construction suite from UDA but are leaving it behind and currently testing DTools. We've looked at buildertrend and a few others as well.

Ted, what do you do currently? Is it mainly calling or emailing people asking about each project?

Btw, Basecamp is a popular and relatively inexpensive offering.

Tedd we have been using Workflowmax for about 3 years now. We use it for basic quoting, time sheets, job costing, invoicing (we use XERO for our accounting software) and project management. Overall I am very happy with this solution and so our techs. It's cloud based and works with our document management solutions and the best part is it's very cost effifective.

Thanks. We are system integrators and our disciplines are very diverse. Under the Intercontinetal Brand is Intercontinetal Security, Intercontinental Theater and Sound and Intercontinental Investigations. Just a sampling of work in progress is three residential prewires in various stages of completion, residential camera system and security installtions, an integrated commercial access control and camera system, a fire alarm elevator recall system, an access control system at the airport which is a critical infrasteucture, home theater systems, etc.

I would like to be able to see a snap shot of where we are on any one of these projects at any time so I know if I need to get involved to put out a small fire before it becomes fully involved. Basically, our systems work, but from time to time the fit will hit the shan.


Tedd we currently have 60 jobs going on right now and with Workflowmax I can see the stage of every job, all costs per job and how many hours each of my techs have into each job from any of my computers or mobile devices. I can run reports and see profitably on every job we have in the system. There is a 14 free trial and there is no contract to sign as you can cancel any time. Best of luck!

Hi Ted,

We use, it isn't perfect but it does alot of things really well.

I also know we evaluated when we were deciding.

Best of luck.

+1 on Basecamp.

We have built a template that we use for all installations that works rather well. There are default todo lists for every involved department from the sales process to installation to customer service a week after.

You can also add your customers to a project and decide what they're looped in on, and everyone can reply and interact via email or mobile app, so it's easily adoptable by the less tech savvy.

Interesting. I'll have to give this a try. it seems like it's working for you.


I am no longer in the security space, but I currently use SmartSheet. Very easy and very intuitive. Shows how much I have enjoyed this forum, as I am out of your industry, but LOVE reading the latest. Keep up the great job.

If anybody likes Basecamp, check out Trello. It's more powerful and FREE!

I took a very brief look at Trello. Not complaining, just asking what the attraction is? When I look at it, it is a collection of notes and pictures on one page. What am I missing? We are evaluating which is why I am asking.

Thanks for the input. I have swome research to do. I also took some of the ideas and started to work on writing my own. I'll just add it to the list. lol