Problems With Milestone Alarm Manager And User Defined Events

I am using Generic Event as a method of triggering a Defined Alarm.  The Alarm Definition specifies Related Cameras, a Related Map and the “Events Triggered by Alarm” field is populated with a User Defined Event.

A map is defined, and as part of the map, a User Defined Event icon has been placed on the map, displaying the physical location of the triggering device.  We are using the Light Bulb icon is this case.

When the Generic Event is triggered, the Alarm is transmitted to the Alarm Manager.  When the Alarm Manager tab is clicked, the Related Cameras and Related Map are displayed.  The Icon for the User Defined event does not get triggered (Red Circle Flashing around the Icon expected).

I have tried using a single Alarm Definition, and have also tried creating separate Alarm Definitions, where the Related Camera(s) Alarm is separated from the User Defined Event inclusion to the event, and still no matter what I try, I am unable to make this combination of events work together.

I am looking to confirm if this could be a bug in 2019 R1, or simply an incorrect configuration.

As always, any assistance will be greatly appreciated!

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