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Problem - Speech Distorted And Not Understandable

We have Louroe mics and amps connected to a BCDVideo recorder that has a stretch card with leads out the back that connect to audio, running Milestone Professional. We get audio on the client but when someone speaks it is distorted and not understandable.

Any ideas or suggestions on fixing this?


LouRoe microphones are amplified. Their outputs are line level (1 volt RMS), not mic level (60db lower, or approximately .07 volt RMS). Obviously, if you feed a line level signal into an input made for microphones, you will get distortion.

If the BCDVideo recorder has a line level input, try that. If it doesn't, you will need an attenuator. Line level - to - mic level attenuators are simple to make (two to three resistors) or can be purchased at many electronics stores, including Radio Shack (Cat. # 42-2461).

It seems to me you should contact BCD tech support to check what the audio input requirements are. Louroe Mic's are line level output (0dB @1000ohms /1.0 V RMS), and Louroe mic level Mic's are ~.07 V RMS). while the Base stn output is 1 watt @ 8 ohms. Quite lokely you are seriously overdriving the DVR system !

Also check the Milestone stretch card spec.

Thankyou for the help. You are exactly right in youor assessment. We origionally contacted BCDVideo They sugested that the problem was with Milestone. They even sent us a new recorder with the exact same results.

This is in a detention facality and audio is very important. We work on a limited budget and try to do as much of our own instilation as possible, and honestly at times are in over our heads.Thanks again for the help.