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Preferred Hotel Guestroom Card Access System

What is your preferred system for hotel guestroom keycard access? Do you typically integrate the in-room safes with the door locks, (i.e. keycard unlocks both the door and the in-room safe)?

Richard, good question. I am going to let Brian and others offer recommendations. Just a background reference for others - here is our Hotel Access Control Guide.

Thanks for the link John. And thanks to Brian for writing the article. It's a very useful primer on hotel access control.

Hello, Richard:

As we noted in the post John linked, the typical hospitality/hotel access system is driven by low cost systems. In many cases, the manufacturer works directly with the customer to sell, install, and maintain installations. We note several manufacturers in our post.

I'm not sure that integration between the door and safe is common. Again, the cost of doing so doesn't justify for many properties, although I'm sure it could be found/desired in upper-scale hotels/resorts.

Thanks Brian,

In a typical hotel, do they use the hospitality/guest room keycard system for all areas, or do they typically use the hospitality keycard system just for guest room and guest amenities while having a separate EAC system for administrative space, offices, Elec/Mech/IT rooms, etc.?

You can try any one of the following...

generally we are not integrating the in-room safe with access control. it will work as stand-alone model either with PIN or PIN+Finger, but vingcard offers both hotel locks & in-room safe too. As Brain said most of the manufacturer works directly with the end user.

We have installed 6 hotels for a chain with Beline Locks. We have not intergated the safe with the door locks. Beline has been a good partner to work with.