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POS Integration With Exacq

We have to integrate an older Casio Register (TK6000) with an Exacq hybrid system in a small retail store. The register has a serial port so I assume it will output the data. I can't find anything but a user manual online. The problem is we have a 75+' distance to cover. I know this is too far for a regular serial cable. Can this be done by running serial over CAT5 to span this distance? Also, how do we determine the pinout of the cable on both sides?

UPDATE ANSWER: How To Integrate Exacq To A Point Of Sale System Via Serial Out Of Printer?

We've never used, but I know Barix has a serial over Ethernet device.

We tested one of their audio over IP devices, it worked and their support was helpful. (Of course they were trying to sell us something.)

They may be willing to help you figure out the pinouts if you buy, but I'd talk to them about it.

A contact name I have is William Scmidt,

I have pushed serial over a 16 -3 conductor 75' very successfully. By serial port are you talking about the 9 pin? If so the pinouts for RS232 are 2 to 3, 3 to 2, 5 and 7 at both ends are interchangeable for ground. You can try this with a make your own kit from Radio Shack and I used a regular 16 -3 SO cord. Radio Shack also makes a serial to USB adapter for $40 bucks and I have had about 50/50 success with those.

Yes I was talking about the 9 cable. They ran CAT5 but we can easily try a heavy stranded cable. I'll just lay it on the ground and see if it works first. Thanks so much.

OR you could use RS232 - to - RS485 converter(s). RS485 can be run on CAT5/6 and it can travel up to 4,000 feet. Converters are quite inexpensive.

In a lot of (maybe most) cases, you can convert serial to IP at the sending device and just create an IP serial port on the receiving device. This is how I've seen integrations done, usually, both POS and legacy stuff like access/intrusion detection/surveillance. It's common even when you can easily run cable between the two, just because serial ports can be hard to come by these days.

I'm not sure what's required on the Exacq end, however. They have some POS integrations, but not many. Without them, you may just be looking at the raw serial stream, which may or may not be okay with you.

Hmm. That might be a better solution since the wire is already run. I used your link to the Lantronix site and I found this which looks like it might do the job. It costs less and has a DB9 connector. I'm not sure what I am going to see in Exacq either. It might just be a mess of data? Thank you.

Hmm... on an off-note here, does anyone else have a problem thinking the correct term that goes with "POS" besides me? lol

Think that's a problem? We double-up the term when referring to the POS interface system we bought a few years ago. It never worked properly, hence the descriptive name we call it: The POS POS.

LOL! Glad I"m not the only one thinking that way!

A pair of these puppies ought to do the trick. I've taken the ends off these because it's easier for me to figure pinouts with the bare wires.