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Portable Access Control Card Reader?

I have a customer with an unusal request to add to their existing access control system. The owner would like to have portable readers so that security officers can control access to certain areas manually as the need arises. Is anyone familiar with a portabel reader manufacturer or a peripheral add on for a tablet or smart phone that can read iClass or Prox cards and transmit that information to an access control panel reader input via wireless and display a red or green LED/light to verify that access is granted? Thanks in advance for your help.

Take a look at this reader from Allegion

I think this could be what you're looking for

What is the existing access control system?

AMAG Symmetry 8 using their 2-door PoE controller.

A Gallagher Security represenative showed me a portable reading device only yesterday that is being used to carry onto buses and tag people on and off a mine site. It is a robust small lightweight case containing a Gallagher 6000 Controller, a surface mounted T20 card reader. a wifi router and small SLA battery. The battery provides around 4 hours of use. It is normally recharged at the gatehouse and used as required. The great feature is it provides indication of valid/invalid card. Very soon the T20 card reader (has LCD display) will also indicate whether the users card is about to expire, they need to attend a "fitness for work" test or they have been denied access due to antipassback. Looks like an excellent solution. I guess a GPRS modem could be used in place of the wifi router for IP connectivity.

The Gallagher security system is manufactured in New Zealand for those who are not familiar with it and is idely used in the resources sector in Australia as well as most of the major universities.

By the way I am not a rep for Gallagher but a consultant who has had good experiances with this product.

Lot of companies does this mobile reader e.g. Hrisid, CEM & Lenel. there are few OEM manufacturere who does this hardware unit

The mSite unit looks perfect for what the customer wants to do, I would need to see if it's compatible with their existing ACS platform, AMAG Symmetry 8

the issue you will find with all of these readers is integration with AMAG. I quickly went to verify their websites and none of them list integration with AMAG, from what I could see.

Your best bet will be to check with AMAG to see if they integrate a wireless portable reader (that is connected live with their access controllers giving you an access granted or refused status immediately when a card is presented).

If they do not integrate with any portable readers, then your only option will be to go with a generic wireless reader like the one from Allegion that communicates with a receiver that has a wiegand output that can be wired in to the D0/D1 of your AMAG controller (and inputs that can be wired in to the outputs of your AMAG controller giving you "access granted" or "access refused" status using LEDs on the portable reader)

I did the same thing and didn't see anything either. I have attempted to contact the sales engineering teams at AMAG and mSite to confirm. I'll let you know what I hear back.

So far the Allegion unit seems like the only one that will work.

The mSite Mobile looks more along the lines of what the customer is looking for and would be a more fitting and elegant solution. It does look like mSite has an integration with Lenel, but not AMAG.

Mark has a smart solution here.

Here is another: Aperio Wireless Reader

The range is only about 50 feet, but AMAG integrates with Aperio Hubs. The schematic connections would be: AMAG Controller <---- Aperio Hub <wireless> M100 Reader

I had looked at that, but I need more range and some kind of a box or handheld unit to connect it to.

I have been searching but not finding a tablet/smart phone app that might work.

Just not enough market demand for something like this I guess.

The mSite unit is definitely nicer looking, that's for sure. I've seen the Allegion unit and it works pretty well as long as you stay within the range of the receiver (about 200 feet indoors). The onboard reader reads a few brands of credentials also (such as 125 KHz HID standard prox and also some 13.56 MHz smart card models).

What type of cards are you using on the site?

They are currently using 125 kHz Proximity cards, so I went with the dual technology reader as there might be a chance they will switch to iClass technology in the future.

I spec'd the Allegion optional ANT400-REM-I/O+6dB Indoor/Outdoor Antenna Kit and MGB+MCA5 Antenna Grounding Kit as the antenna will be mounted outdoors and I need about 300'+/- coverage from an existing guard shack building.

The mSite unit would be much nicer, but it doesn't appear to be compatible with AMAG, only Lenel and mSite.

This is probably the unit Cardax used in their demonstration. It is an Australian company that allows a standard wiegand to transmit over a wireless 2-way link.