Poll: What Type Of Facial Hair Do You Have?

Is the strereotype true?

What's the point? At my age, I would look like Santa Claus if I grew a beard. Heck, in a few years, I'll probably have more ear hair than on the top of my head : (

If we're doing stereotypes. shouldn't we differentiate between "beard" and "UNIX programmer type beard?"

Isn't being on a plane full of goateed men wearing golf shirts the first sign that you are on the correct flight to ISC-West?

I agree with Marc. There's a big difference between 'stubble' and 'filth monster'.

LOL @ "filth monster". My least favorite is the neck-only beards that are seen roaming around my alma mater institute of tech this time of year.

My wife wanted me to go all "Duck Dynasty"

I tried to grow one out but it kept itching like a mother. I didnt last long. This facial hair thing has really exploded though. First it was skinny jeans, now its big azz beards. Whats bad is dude's with skinny jeans and big azz beards.

"Whats bad is dude's with skinny jeans and big azz beards."

Have you met Ethan? :)

LOL, no. But after I wrote that this I then thought "I hope I didnt accurately describe anyone reading this"

Full beard. Have had one most of my adult life. My wife likes it, I like it, nuff said.

I'm really surprised that beards have overtaken goatees as the security industry standard facial hair (where facial hair exists). Not upset, but still surprised.

Also John/Sean, my jeans are anything but skinny. The beard is indeed in "winter" mode right now, though.

Also, I'm curious what the three "other" votes are? Soul patches and mutton chops, I bet.

0 votes for Mustache !!! WOW !!!