PoE Vs USB / WiFi For Cameras?

A member asked:

"Do you see a trend from POE to WiFi, where the camera still has a USB power connector (similar to what Dropcam has) or do you believe POE will remain the mainstream way to connect IP cameras?"


For consumer / home applications of 1 - 3 cameras, I believe USB / WiFi will become even more commonplace as it has clear advantages to PoE. Powering via USB is much simpler for non technical users than setting up 12 / 24V typical in analog or non PoE IP surveillance. PoE power is not commonly available in home switches / networking devices, requiring special order of equipment, another problem.

Finally, PoE has never been the 'mainstream way to connect IP cameras' in the consumer / residential market. Most IP cameras targeting that segment have never supported PoE.

For larger systems (starting at 4, but even more clearly at 9, 16, etc.), PoE power makes great sense as the cameras tend to be located too far to reliably use WiFi, you would otherwise need to start plugging in lots of USB to wall outlets, you can justify buying a PoE switch.