Installing Cameras In A Dusty Factory?

Please assist me here, i want to install cameras in a factory which is very dusty. Which cameras can work efficiently under that environment.

In other instances I will need others which has backlight compensations... please assist.

Are you worried about the camera malfunctioning due to the dust, or more if it will be able to see what needs to be seen trough the dust ?

Thanks Rogier for your question,

I'm worried for the camera malfunction and clean up

Then you're mostly looking for a decent housing.

I myself am quite fond of Videotec housings. They got quite a range, depending on what you want.

Mr. Khethiwe, There are many questions to answer before making a firm recommendation, but based on what little has been discussed here, Digital Watchdog makes a series of cameras with "Self-Cleaning" domes. The Cleanview has a hydrophobic coating on the dome that claims to repel water, grease and dust to alleviate spotting and smudges. It may be worth your time to investigate. Good luck.

Thank you Mr Jones I will check the website

A while back I installed some domes and PTZ with domes in a dusty auto body shop. after just a few days, there was a layer of dust all over the dome that was making the image pretty bad. I realized that the static electricity from the dome was pulling the dust to the dome like a magnet. I ended using anti static drier sheets to apply on the domes and then polish it in with a soft cloth.

It seemed to help a lot with the dust. Also I believe there are also antistatic sprays you could also try.

I would recommend setting up a regular cleaning maintenance schedule with the customer in a dusty environment like this.

Thank you Jeff. Can you kindly share with the name and specs of the spray that you know of?

I have only used the antistatic dryer sheets.

I clean the dome well first to remove any abrasive particles, then rub the dryer sheet into the dome. It will leave a streaky mess on the dome (don't worry). Then take a soft clean cloth and polish the antistatic streaks from the dryer sheet until the dome is completely clear. Now the dome will not attract dust like a magnet. Try it, it worked well for me.

As far as the sprays, I have not tried any, but I'm sure if you Google it you can find some to test.

Hello Edwin

we do offer some fully dustproof housings that can be equipped with wiper/washer for crisp images 24/7.

In this enviroment, we offer an air barrier that will prevent The deposit of dust or debris on The window itself.


Thank you for your response.

Can you kindly share your website

Hello Edwin

You can look at this ONXAB2 air barrier

Thank you