Please Add This To Your Evaluations

We are doing more installations were power is an important consideration. Would you please add power consumption to your test parameters.

Also consider using traffic graphing tool , PRTG, MRTG, NAGIOS, CACTI to produce pretty charts and graphs for data rates.

Something else integrators (not necessarily IPVM itself) may also want to find out is heat output of switches, UPS's and other equipment.

We ran into an issue with some closets on the last job that needed cooling because there was way too much equipment in such a tight space. We didn't get high enough to damage equipment, however, the inspector was not too thrilled at how warm the closet got and instructed us to cool it.

See: IP Camera Power Consumption Guide. In our testing, power consumption almost always comes in below spec, so it has not been a big issue to point out (i.e., it would be different if vendors routinely listed consumption at 3.5w and our tests showed 8w, but it's more typically the reverse). Because of that, it is not something we plan to include on a test to test basis.

As for traffic graphing, outside of the chart being pretty, what do you want us to do different from our current approach, an example of which is shown below: