Pick Dahua's New Wordmark (Unauthorized)

Here is Dahua's current wordmark(s):

The first two letters cause common problems of thinking either Dahua starts with an 'a' or has an 'l' in it, e.g., alhua or dalhua.

We asked our graphics designer to come up with a few alternatives. Here are the 6:

So what do you think? Vote / comment:

And you are doing this for fun? or what?

just curios


If what you are saying is true
then it will dramatically change your "JH deep learning /AI model" :)

Number 5 looks most artistic. But when you silk prink a logo, graphics with end as a sharp corner, ie on the last a are hard to get to look good..


I think number 6 is perfect if Dahua were to make Cars. maybe they going to do a driverless car!!!!


I voted for 5...but I think the logo is pretty easy to read/understand?

Too funny!

here’s a radical idea, make the “d” look more like a d. 

they could grow the “d” a little every month, no one would have noticed, face saved.

Can I do a write-in?