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Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Whats your preference and why? I'm talking about the exterior "fence-line" detection.

A trade magazine's Tech Quiz promotes "leaky coax". I've never used it. I have used beams but you have to set them up so thaey are effective.

Here is a vibration system.

We were looking into this once (MicroPoint Cable detection system) but the customer went with beams instead. I would really like to see this work.

The fence-system looks very interesting. So here is what I'm looking for in particular with regards to a PIDS:

  • Alert upon entry/exit
    • Alert creates event to be recorded with existing security alarm system
    • Alert would trigger existing PTZ to record area for a specified time
  • Would include infrared fence using photoelectric beams
  • Includes a mounted sensing fiber to detect breach caused by cutting, climbing or lifting
    • Would also create an alert to the existing security alarm system

Easily done with a small access control system on the gate with programmable inputs and outputs. The PTZ would have to be programmed for a preset then using conventional wiring, you would need an additional 2 or 4 conductor to the PTZ.

Depending upon the alarm system you have some can program events and some that have a capability to interface with an access system.


Assessing alarms with PTZ will be the weakness of this system. By the time your camera slews to the scene, the intruder may be gone.

Good point!

That totally depends upon the installation.

Has anyone used the HC Products Stealth-Flex Perimeter Protection, its based on microphonic cable and looks affordable.

I haven't used it so I'm curious if any IPVM member has and what their experience with it has been.

Try Optellios great solution, more up to date technology, resilient, and 1/2 the price of other enterprise class solutions.