Pelco Endura Storage Pool Question

I am switching a facility from a Pelco Endura system to Avigilon, but need to keep the Endura in place for a while to preserve the existing recordings. I want to stop recording on the Endura system, so I dont overwrite what is on the Pelco NSMs, but I need to do this without affecting the existing recordings. I am pretty sure I can just go into the settings on the NSM manager and remove all of the cameras from the pool, but I want to verify this before making the change because it is critical I don't lose the old recordings.

I am currently on hold with Pelco support, the guy who answered the phone told me because of the risk of data loss I need to talk to level two support and I have been on hold for 67 minutes as I write this, so I am hoping I can get an answer here instead.

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