Pelco DX8100 Series Discontinue Date

Hello Gents:

Quick question... can anyone advise when Pelco discontinued the DX8100 series? I have a prospect asking, and I have had no luck searching on the web.

Will call Pelco in the mean time in order to determine if they can provide the info.


If you are looking for a DX8100 DVR to purchase (which I don't recommend at this time) a distributor might have one laying around. I think Tri-Ed had a boat load last time I checked.

No, no purchase... just wish to notify prospect on when this product was discontinued. They need an upgrade badly, and this is one more justification.

Just saw in an old Pelco Partner email, it was discontinued on 11/15/14

Nice work, 1!

Pelco confirmed similarily and with a little more color: "Most of the DX8100 models were discontinued by end of 2014. All products sold will continue to be serviced and supported during the warranty period."

Thank you all!