Pelco Declares They Are "Government-Trusted Camera Vendor"

Beaten down Pelco fires shot:

Interesting they are leveraging the Ban bill already. They won't be the last but not sure they have much standing to call out, given their own problems. 

This is great but I am guessing the government also wants a system that works. I have installed all but their latest systems and all have had high failure rates. Years ago when I was with a different company we did an install for one of Schneiders manufacturing companies. First problem is they bought their own Pelco equipment, which they got at one heck of a discount. Within the first six months of putting the system in we replaced most every camera and the recorder. Essentially we ended up losing money on the job. At that point I told myself I would never install an IP Pelco system again. However I still do use some of their mounts as the quality on those have not changed. Sad, really sad.

Did they take a stab at Axis too? 

Is it taking too long to get your orders complete?

You are right! A triple whammy. Related: Axis 'Sold Out' Faces Shortage Again

Exactly what I thought - Pelco's marketing must be IPVM regulars!

We've got plenty of stock in the warehouse! Lots and lots and lots of unsold cameras! Call now! Pretty please, my ex is on my case about child support again..."

-Pelco, probably.

Which government? 

Ironic considering none of their cameras are manufactured in the US any longer and most are manufactured in Taiwan if not China

You know, those of us who've been in the industry for a number of years can't help but know all about Pelco -- who they were, their journey from private to Schneider, and who they are now.

What's crazy, though, is that more and more of the user community are younger, IT-centric people, and MANY of them honestly don't know who Pelco is...never heard of them.  It blew me away at first, but the more I thought about it, it really shouldn't surprise any of us.  Kinda sad in a lot of ways -- there have been some amazing and talented people who work(ed) there, but seriously...when was the last time you went into a Best Buy or something and saw a Nokia phone on display?  Seems like a very similar deal.

Definitely makes sense. At some level, it is surprising that Pelco still generates as much industry interest (not buying interest, just news following interest). Since the rise of MP in 2008, Pelco has not been a serious player. A decade adds up and lots of people in the industry now were not a decade ago.

Pelco has to qualify for some kind of Slowest Corporate Suicide award by now, right? Someone call the Guinness people. 

What's Best Buy?

Sorry...a big Electronics / Computer retail store in N. America.  

I should have added an emoji on the end indicating sarcasm/joke!  For the record, I also remember Circuit City, CompUSA, Blockbuster and Babbages, oh and shopping malls!

But you do find Nokia phones on display nowadays (though not made by Nokia, but HMD Global).

Absolutely loved unboxing all of the "Made in China" Pelco cameras on a Govt install with "Buy American Plan" in place. (The name you know)

Built the company on Govt customers, gets bought out by Schnieder and flips to China to build for them now.


One should sometimes consider the past when buying and destroying a customer base.

Also interesting that there are so many Pelco analog cameras that are just Panasonic re-badges.  I still see them everywhere.  Pelco was lagging in IP, so they put more resources towards IP and just moved some of their analog (tried and true) business to Panasonic. Very sad.

I had dealers who would buy the Pelco version because they were cheaper or just in stock rather than buy the Panasonic version.  I see this on huge Panasonic systems all over the placed. Makes it very hard for them to talk about their technology, etc. when it was obvious that it wasn't their technology...

I remember working with the first Pelco megapixel cameras, and they were SO bad...  And they kept on trying to push their integration to their VMS and then stabbing those partners in the back.

It really was/is sad to watch....