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Parking Garage RFID Solutions

Curious what others are using with respect to long range vehicle tag style readers.

Here in Dallas, it is almost impossible to travel anywhere in the metroplex area without using a toll-road.

Most of the RFID systems I have installed are based on using existing toll-tag readers manufactured by TransCore.

Looking for alternatives.

Hello Mike:

The good news is there are some good options for this application. NEDAP AVI has a number of offerings that use UHF or even Microwave frequencies.

Do you need to integrate with any access system in particular?

I usd some NEDAP at my last job, great product!

We have used Federal Signal (now 3M with very good success). It took 3M a few months to get up to speed, but they have impressed us with Tech Support. Sales is average to just above average.

Can anyone shed some light on which would be a good 'current' solution for a weigand based long ranger reader (3-5m) with a small footprint, decal style, passive RFID sticker for automated gate access?  I see a LOT of offshore knock off products...  The HID solution is a bit bulky for the active/battery operated credential.


Anyone have a trustworthy go-to that is easily found through either distribution or local to north america?


Not looking for a button/card/swipe etc.  These will be for rental cars, so automated is a must.



For this would LPR be a good solution for this. There are several products out there now that work really well and aren't that expensive. We have started using Vaxtor VaxALPR which runs directly on the Axis camera. Setup is a snap and works very well. We have run it at 300' with a telephoto lens and an offset angle of about 20 degrees. This system doesn't even require having to be zoomed in directly on the license plate either. We can capture two lanes with one camera. This solution would also be able to keep a recording of the car coming through as well. 

Also the Nedap uPASS works extremely well and they have small passive tags for the vehicles.

How do you get the Vaxtor LPR to send info to your gate system to grant/deny access?  

Just use the Axis A1001 controller and setup rules for known tags to grant access. This happens via the network.  


We have deployed the AWID LR-3000 AVI with WS-UHF windshield tags and associated linear power supply in high traffic/throughout parking decks and were very happy with the solution. I think this fits perfectly with the requirements you laid out. 

I guess the question would be are there readers out there that will read the toll pass. That way the customer isn't using two different credentials in their vehicle. Years ago I helped out a branch in Houston that used the toll pass but the reader was not the same manufacturer as the toll pass reader but would read the credential. If I remember right it was similar to reading a government credential but only reading a portion of the information on that credential. Of course that was probably 8 years ago.

One other way would be to use Bluetooth credentials. This way when the customer rolls up to the reader they would only have to hold up their phone and the credential was already active so they wouldn't have to open the app up thus causing a distraction.