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Panasonic PTZ Over Coaxial Signal

I am trying to put together a plan to replace some Panasonic DVR’s. The problem is that they are using the CU-650 joystick controller. I believe that the signal is through the coaxial cable similar to Pelco coaxitron.

With Pelco’s version of this protocol, we were able to simply add a translator unit to maintain coaxitron to the cameras and 485 to the translator. Problem solved.

Does anyone have experience with Panasonic and know if they have a similar product (translator)... or if a 3rd party offers something like this?

We only need to limp the PTZ'z along until they are replaced with IP cameras (within a year).


The WJ-GXE500 is a Panasonic 4 channel encoder that can do up the coax control. You will not be able to use the controller anymore though as I believe those are wired to the DVR itself that then sends the control up the coax. If they want to continue using the joystick you'll have to find a universal joystick that works with your VMS. I have used this successfully in the past.


If I understand the question right, you're looking for a device that works with the serial outputs of the CU-650 controller and converts it to a "Panasonic Up-the-Coax' signal?

After a quick google search, I found this which leads me to believe the customer would currently have the matrix switch (or even a dumbed down one to simply inject control onto the coax, similar to this from pelco). If this is the case, that equipment could just be left in place. The matrix switch, or the coax controller injector thing would have a video out that you could connect to an encoder. THis way they can record on the new VMS, and still use the joystick.

They could have a matrix like Daniel posted in which case you could use the existing joystick and matrix. I actually had a customer that we had a plan to do that with. If you're switching to a VMS like exacq or Milestone you can use the encoder and either PTZ with the mouse or get a compatible joystick. I had a exacq install I used the CXE500 encoders on to control existing Panasonic cameras and the customer was very happy with it.

Brian, yes. I am using Avigilon encoders for various reasons. I suppose that we could consider using the Panasonic encoders for the small group of PTZ cameras.

There are no matrix switchers. They appear to have tied the joystick controllers directly into the Panasonic DVR’s and the signal is sent from there.

At the end of the day, we might just hardwire the 485 circuit and tie into Avigilon encoders. Fewer points of failure.

A few companies used to make converters, but so far as I've been able to find out, only Pelco's are still on the market.

I didn't know that anyone made a DVR that did control over coax right at the DVR. That's pretty cool. Or maybe I've just been sheltered from all the cool products.

Yeah, Panasonic, Bosch, Samsung, and I think Sony all did it at one time or another. Maybe GE and Geovision too? I always hated Coaxitron, it was more expensive, and if you tried to use one manuafacturer's cameras with another manufacturer's DVR, it never worked right, even with both manufacturers swearing up and down saying it should work and if it doesn't you must be doing something wrong.