Panasonic Finally, Tougher User, Password Options

so with end of march 2016/ april 2016 Panasonic has finally decided to build firmware packages that expand user and password options to 32 characters and the allowing of special characters for their iPro series . also it forces you to create a new user and password out the box ( no defaults)

Now if only I can get some LDAP support I will have the perfect cloud based enterprise camera that justifies paying that premium

Eddie, thanks for the post!

How is the Panasonic 'cloud based'?

I the camera has many functions built into that you can use to be cloud based in a larger system with minimal effort. currently I use the SD cards in them and FTP the information on the cards to a NAS with Linux system and a few scripts/program I wrote. that along with HTTPS encryption and all the other software packages that you can buy with them make a real sexy cloud based system.

Panasonic execs on the other hand want to sell a hardware solution so I am afraid it will have to take 3rd party to make that jump.

Ok, I was just wondering if you were using a third party cloud offering.

And how do you retrieve / playback video in your setup?

I use a very stripped html/php web interface I created and VLC, all event locations are stored in SQL and when i do a search I just use the camera, date and time and it gives me them as a reference link in a web browser and I click on them and they will play in VLC.

moving them to another media on the other hand I use the command line, its just faster for me.

everything but the new 7,6,and 3 series have the firmware now. the new ones should have it by no later than late april.

should be firmware version 2.40

What firmware version is that in? I just updated to 2.02 and it doesn't force anything.

Corrections they have pulled the firmware back off at some point today back to 2.30 and push all of it back to late april some of them are still there the 4 series and the GXE500 is not sure for how long though

ok they seem to be back up for the moment all cameras have the new v2.40 except the one that are supposed to be slated for april.

they had to separate out the one ones for china and the rest of the world.