Panasonic Develops Single Exposure 'True' WDR...

Claiming 123db dynamic range using dual sensitivity pixels.

The newly developed wide-dynamic-range technology enables accurate imaging and reproduce of richer color tone, even in high-contrast situations (in a backlit scene or under studio lighting). In addition to, synthesizing multiple exposures data which are captured at the different times is not necessary, so it enables accurate imaging of moving objects at high speed. Therefore, this technology enables high-speed, high-precision, and wide-dynamic-range imaging and sensing.

Good find. Thanks for sharing.

"Panasonic Corporation will apply this technology to surveillance camera, in-vehicle cameras, broadcasting cameras, industrial inspection cameras, digital still cameras and other imaging devices, and contribute to realize high-speed, high-precision imaging and sensing functions."

Wonder when it will get into production? Also did you see any reference to resolution supported? I am curious what the max is and if that will be a problem.

well they have just released and updated most of their security line this year for the next two years so i would guess at best seeing something next year maybe if they are really pressured to have some kinda demo at the biggest but latest trade show this year.

If these chips do as they claim, and I wanted to really dominate the market, I would fiqure out how to get these into 1080p and mainly 4K cameras and make them as cheap, but high quality as possible. But with their recent release of the "super resolution series" I serious doubt any of that will happen.

Either that or they are just going to slap them in all the newly made cameras form X/date on.

Sad thing whether you like Panasonic or not they have ton of potential but they never can seem to get their mess together to take advantage of it.