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Palm Vein Reader

Hi ,

Any one installed Palm Vein Reader for access control purpose?

I found Fujitsu is the only patented manufacturer of Palm vein sensor. It is observed that the sensor is having its own limitations like failed to read vein pattern of labours working for construction industries, Wrought iron inductries etc. Any other technology/method to over come this issue?

Hello, Sundar:

That's interesting feedback, and thanks for sharing. Fujitsu sensors are the lone type I am familiar with, to the point the company is the leader in new research in the area, not just sensor development.

If biometrics are required, you may look at SRI Sarnoff's IOM N-Glance iris scanner. This presumes that workers are able to remove safety glasses or face shields in the area of the reader, and that there are not hundreds of reads required in a few minutes.