Outdoor High PoE Options?

Scenario: outdoor camera, either PTZ or fixed with heater/blower needs High PoE. Camera is mounted on a pole or other outdoor, non building based site.

Brian and Ethan both historically choose PowerDsine Outdoor midspans (like this one).

What High PoE device do you use? Other options? Experiences?

PowerDsine OEMs a huge majority of the units that are out there anyway (Axis for one).

I know Altronix has some new offerings that came out recently that I saw at ISC West that look pretty good, from a reputable manufacturer

Typically I use the Axis/PowerDsine 30 or 60W midspans located in a cabinet on the pole or nearby. You usually need a fiber media converter or a switch for pole mont cameras that aren't close to the building so you will need a cabinet and power anyways.

Axis also now offers premade cabinets with the PoE injectors.

L-Com also has some similar options.

Here in Central Florida, we also need the cabinet to put surge suppressors in. Lightning capital of the US...

Why not use rugged PoE LAN switches? Smaller version has 4 ports (10/100/1000) PoE and some even have 2 SFP ports, all of which working temperature can accomodate the extremes? It cost a bit more than single PoE injector midspan like PowerDsine, but working temperature is pretty flexible.

Some Taiwanese brands (Lantech, Planet, Oring) with 4 ports are still acceptable in terms of price but it's within the rugged ratings. Even KBC networks nowadays are made in Nanjing, China.

I explored these brands in the upper limit only as we have to watch out for the high heat here in the tropics, most of them claiming can work up to 75 degrees Celcius. For the lower limit they claim -40 degree Celcius.

Heng - I have used many brands of hardened PoE switches in the enclosures (Comnet, Transition, Garrettcom, etc.), the problem here is that a PTZ camera with a heater/blower generally requires 60W "high" PoE which isn't available on most hardened network switches. Some manufacturers such as Axis include a single port high-PoE midspan with their cameras, so spending the extra money on a hardened PoE switch (as opposed to a media converter) may not be necessary.

We have used the Ubiquiti ToughSwitch Pro inside a L-Com enclosure for our past installs. Works great for our needs. The switch has up to 150W total power, but a max of 18W per port. We haven't yet needed more power than that.