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Outdoor Enclosures With Heat/Fan/Power Block

Hi Folks,

We're in the market for a high quality outdoor enclosure with heat/fan/power block. Needs to be large enough to comfortably house axis p1357 and a cellular router.

Any suggestions?


Hello John:

I think there are good options here, but just to make sure:

  • What type of humidity are you mounting into? 40% RH? 90% RH?
  • How big (dimensionally) is the router you need to have room for?
  • Does the power block need to issue 12/24 VDC? 120 VAC?


Hi Alex,

Not sure of humidity levels as we may make these units SOP if it works out. If that's the case we would be shipping them to dif locations througout the US, so I'd assume 90%.

Router is about 4" x 3" x 1".



Take a look at VideoTec's HGV.