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How Do I Get Video From A Helicopter?

We have customer asking for transmission from the helicopter to a command center. Any experience?



Hernan, is it correct to presume the helicopter is going to cover a wide area of tens or hundreds of kilometers?

Hello Hernan:

Are you talking about a video stream from a helicopter camera to a command center for recording/ live view/ control?

Do you have an idea of range between the two?

The range between the helicopter and the command center should be 100 km.

The customer has a few helicopters.

Any idea?



I asked the state police in my area what they use for this, and they have used Covert Systems for this application. They said they budget about $50,000 to rig out both ends for this type of system.

However, range is about ~35 km using this gear, not the 100 km you need.