Open Options Pricing And Fees?

Does anybody know if there are annual licensing fees for this product line? Any body know how they charge (per door, per server, etc.)?

Looks like you are not required to pay annual license fees but if you want to stay current with the latest software they offer multiple term SUPs here:

As for the pricing, here's a government contract from 2011 (so don't count on the prices being current) that might give you some relative idea.

I'm an Open Options dealer. The initial software is licensed by the number of subcontrollers (Mercury hardware, so single-door, two-door, 16-in, 16-out) and the number of client connections. Past that there's the photo ID badging, and other licenses such as Active Directory integration, VMS integration, etc.

The initial license will come with a 12-month software support agreement.

After the first 12 months, there's an optional software support agreement which is very reasonable when compared to similar enterprise-capable Mercury OEMs such as Lenel. It is optional, but a very high percentage of our clients choose to have it and we recommend it, if for nothing else than the constant development and added feature sets.

Hope that helps.