ONVIF To Emerge

Was looking into POE lighting and found myself on the DC power distribution association's website, an open alliance called "EMerge". From what I've read, it appears to be an ONVIF like association for the DC power world.

Anyways, found this and thought of this site (third and fourth video).

Yes, apparently ONVIF and Emerge have agreed to use a common communication interface, i.e AP 1.0.

Funny enough, I have recently been to Emerge's website but didn't notice it. Can I ask what your interest is in POE/LED lightning?

I believe it would be a great compliment to our electrical partner's solutions. Just as I have limited knowledge of lighting, electrical has the same limitation with smart connected devices.

Cost is prohibitive now, but I doubt it will be long before this is the standard. Our electrical partner has had some interest and sold a couple systems, but as installation only, subcontracting the programming to the manufacturer's preferred vendor.

Right now just trying to understand the technology, it's limitations, and where it may be headed. It would be great to get a head start with at least a comprehension beyond the basics before it moves more mainstream.

Yourself? I'll be honest, I had never heard of EMerge before today.

My wife runs a small LED retro-fitting company. She asked me to look into emerging technologies for her.

The conclusions reached from my research were unmistakable: I needed an LED lit Hoverboard. :)

I'm not sure about Emerge or POE lighting being the standard right now, there is a lot of competing standards with no clear leader.

Unfortunately there is no unbiased source of industry information like we have here, (that I'm aware of).

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Mystery of the Man of Mystery revealed:

Apparently the reason for the shared Austin Powers of Emege and ONVIF is that both Alliances are actually managed by the same firm, Inventures out of San Ramon, CA. Some of the many services offered by Inventures are Brand marketing and Trade show presentations.

Their address

2400 Camino Ramon, Suite 375
San Ramon, CA

might seem familiar, since in addition to ONVIF and Emerge they manage many, (dozens?), of Alliances and other NPO's. Zigbee is another one you might be familiar with.