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ONVIF Compliant Video Analytics?

It seems that many cameras are now days ONVIF compliant. Are there any:

1. Video analytics vendors that can take ONVIF streams as input?

2. Video analytics vendors can output video analytics information in accordance to the ONVIF standard?

I don't seem to find this information anywhere. Does anybody else have experience with "standard" video analytics?

1) aimetis Symphony as VMS focused on analytics. Axxon Next and Axxon Intellect as VMS focused on management with some basic analytics.

2) Not sure what exactly you mean by this. Basically, a lot of camera manufacturers supports both VMD and analytics inside the camera ("edge analytics"). If they support ONVIF as well, they send kind of Metadata to the management system. Ask VMS manufacturers for level of integration. As long as ONVIF at a certain level is supported, you can use the ONVIF Analytics metadata information from the camera inside your VMS. aimetis and Axxon are just two examples, supporting both ONVIF and edge analytcis information.

I'm not sure, if there is any ONVIF compatible analytics metadata output from VMSs. IF there is a need to send analytics information from a VMS/Analytics SW to any kind of umbrella system, I've personally just have seen Software interfaces working for that (by working with manufacturers API/SDK).