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Does anyone know of an ONVIF compatible ANPR camera? Not just a WDR camera marketed as ANPR but a proper camera with IR that picks up reflective plates like the PIPs or Raytec cameras, but IP based and ONVIF compatible.

Even if the video feed was ONVIF compliant, you still could not send the license plate metadata via ONVIF.

Why do you want ONVIF? To integrate with a 3rd party system. In that case, you might as well use RTSP to get video as you will still need to integrate plate info separately.

If you don't require actual LPR metadata then the Bosch DINION capture 5000 IP is ONVIF conformant.

We have had good success with Axis P1354/5 and an infrared illuminator, using VMS based LPR

Yes, the feed will be used with a 3rd party LPR software so RTSP stream would also be OK.

Does anyone know of 'true' ANPR cameras which can be integrated through ONVIF?

I'm talking about ANPR cameras that is purpose-built for ANPR aplications (so NO CCTV).


One thing to emphasize is that even if a 'true' ANPR camera supported ONVIF, the issue would be that ONVIF does not directly support transmitting number plate information. As such, you would still need some direct integration for the critical 'NP' portion.

As an example, this Hikvision camera is marketed as both ONVIF conformant and ANPR but I am pretty certain that the ONVIF connection will not send the number plate information.

With what John has said, I don't know about being ONVIF conformant, but we've used Adaptive Recognition ParkIT cameras with a couple different VMSes in the past, but that was RTSP stream.



The Gatekeeper is.


Check our Gatekeeper on

It's ONVIF compliant and much more than just an ANPR / LPR camera. It's an IoT ANPR sensor.

For which country do you need ANPR?