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Can I Plug An Analog Camera Into This TV?

I have a customer who is looking to have a camera on their driveway, they are not interested in recording and only want to view the camera on their TV. I took a picture of the back of the TV, can I plug an analog camera in to this?

I know this is a simple question but most of the experience I have in Video Surveillance is in IP and never dealt with more than two analog systems.

I assume we can go to the component in but I am not sure.

Not directly, no. The component input separates out the color and sync channels, so you can't drive it directly with a single composite (analog) input.

But there are a number of cheap converters:

You may be able to plug it into the green jack of the Component input, which is the video signal (the red and blue jacks are color info), but it's not guaranteed to work. Some manufacturers automatically detect composite video on the Y jack of component jacks, but some don't. It won't damage anything either way. You may get a greyscale image (since the color is separate in component video) or you may not.

You may also plug the camera into a converter and use one of the other inputs. Something like this will take composite video in and send it out on HDMI. It should work passably well.

Using a BNC to RF adapter and plugging into the Antenna input should work. Give that a try before buying any expensive peripheral devices.

it wont hurt but it wont work either.

the signal would need to be modulated first.

otherwise what channel number do you recommend he tune to?

(but maybe there is a push to open front panel svideo/composite connector?)

You're going to need a scan converter to adapt composite to one of the existing inputs. The one that will look the least bad will be composite to VGA. Use this thing here. It's an active device, so you'll need a free power outlet.