Off Topic: Mayweather Vs Pacquiao

Who are you rooting for?


I am a huge fan of boxing. But the more I learned about Mayweather the less I care about the fight and supporting his cause.

Well Mayweather's 'cause' is himself so....

Mayweather is going to win. Not a bold statement because he is 47-0, but he is a technical fighter and will use his unmatched technique to his advantage. Pacquiao tends to fight more with emotion and when hit he wants to fight back. That kind of style will play right into Mayweather's strengths. I expect Mayweather to win in awesome fashion.

Re-read the question.

Rooting for Mayweather, out of professional respect for someone who has made millions from CCTV.

I think most people would find Pacquiao a more sympathetic personality and I would not be disappointed at all if he wins. That being said, it is extremely rare for a fighter to perform at the level that Mayweather has performed and still be unbeaten. For that reason alone, I would like to see him remain unbeaten and will root for him on Saturday night.

Personally, I would like to see PPV Maywesather vs. 50 Cent. I dont think 50 would stand a chance as Mayweather would be more technical, but make it MMA or something in the octagon and it changes the dynamic enough to possibly give 50 a shot at what he really wants.

Could you imagine how much they could charge for that fight? #themoneyteam

Pacman is definitely the underdog here, and America loves an underdog.

Boxing may be interesting, but who wants to risk paying $90 to watch a bout that is mostly marketing flash and may last mere seconds before being called?

With team sports, we typically have a playoff structure that justifies team pairings. In boxing, we have promoters tell us how great boxers are. Boxing records are pretty worthless, IMO.

Agree with the sentiment in general, but in this case it should go the distance, and most boxing fans believe enough in Pacman to predict a close fight--even if Mayweather wins every round.

Get a few friends to chip in and the only risk is you go home early...

'friends'?... :(

...but who wants to risk paying $90 to watch a bout...

Over a million people? :(

Though in Mexico it's free!

It might be cheaper to subscribe to Azteca...

It might be cheaper to subscribe to Azteca...

Not as cheap as a half a tank of gas...

The PPV is only £19.95 ($30) ... on Sky Sports. :/

Mayweather is everything I want in a competitor and nothing (or very little) I want in a human being. I can list a few reasons if necessary, but I doubt it will be.

I hope Mayweather meets the Sandman and Pac puts him to SLEEEEEEP!

Though I will not disagree with anyone who says Mayweather is one of the best technical boxers that ever lived.

The story of what his 10 yr old kid reported to the police about Mayweather beating his then wife is what is preventing me from shelling out $90. Cant do it.

Pacquiao - Why - Personality

Pacquiao will win this fight, by decision, as Mayweather will not get a chance to outsmart Pacquiao due to Pacquiao's relentless energy.

No personality points awarded by the judges