Off-Topic: Lebron Back To Cavs

Indulge me (Summer Friday afternoon).

LeBron to Cavs: "I'm Going Home."

What do you think?

I am on the Cavs bandwagon. Brian thinks I am a sucker.

I think it's a great underdog story (city of Cleveland / Ohio) and a great basketball move (Cavs young core / picks + LeBron in prime).

I downvoted this.

Cavs fans in 2010:

Cavs fans in 2014:

More fallout: Lin to the Lakers to clear room for Houston to get to get Bosch from Miami.

Lin averages 18 / 8, huge Asian vote, starts the All Star Game! :)

As a true NYC Fan are you not concerned around speculation - Melo going to the Bulls. Phil expected a decision yesterday... Laker's out- Bulls or Knicks.

Carmelo stays. He'll take the $129M deal now, then toss up the double birds when something better more melo-centric comes his way.

Tom, the last thing you want is to get Melo.

He's the Arecont Vision of the NBA...

All I know is that nobody is coming to Dallas. Not Carmelo Anthony nor the GOP convention. Big D lost out on both counts.

Chandler Parsons is going to Dallas. He was a pretty coveted free agent who likes to play uptempo which is the Mavericks style. If you think about it Dallas came the closest of any team to beating the Spurs in the playoffs this year. Don't count Dallas out with Tyson Chandler back in the mix from their championship team a few years back.

The last I heard, the Rockets were going to match the Mavericks' offer to Parsons in order to keep him in Houston. Is there more recent news that I've missed?

Its all true, Betty Lou!

Michael, I believe Jim already, "rubbed it in", hours ago, above. Unless this is a pile-on Richard thread, in which case I would add "Na Na NaNa Na".

Well, that's good news. I heard that yesterday as well.

In my defence, my post was from 3 days ago. At that point in time, it was being widely reported that Houston was going to match the Mavericks offer. They had that option until 11:59 PM yesterday. I'm glad they didn't.

Update: After a masterfully displaying a sincere and humble desire to finish his career from 'that whence he sprung', LeBron has aparrently decided he's 'Going Home...', just for a visit.

Though it should be stressed that the heartfelt homecoming could easily blossom into a more lasting one, depending on how much more TV money the prodigal son will squeeze deserve from the Cavs in 2 years, once the new network negotiations are re-bid with Fox joining the frenzied hunt and driving up the Jamesian payday.

Who could blame him? It just doesn't make sense to leave all that money on the kitchen table.

Basketball is a team sport.

Jordan and Jackson figured that out in Chicago bringing in Rodman, Grant, Pippen, et al to wrap around Jordan and his unique skills.

Have you scoped the Cavalier roster lately? (note the Deng isn't there anymore as Miami just snatched him up) 2 year contract? Rings? please.


Kyrie is the Cav's version of Dwayne Wade, certainly better in 2014 than Wade.

Wiggins is already far better than anyone on the Heat, save for Bosch and Wade.

I think the Cavs have a legit shot at Kevin Love and, even if they have to give up Wiggins to get him (which would certainly clinch the deal), that makes for a super Big 3. LeBron, Love and Irving are clearly better than the 2013-2014 Heat (who went to the Finals).

Blatt says Cav's are keeping Wiggins.

Imagine if Carmelo came to Cleveland though.... : )

Not to mention that my original point was that Jackson wrapped complimentary players around Jordans unique skills - not that he put two other phenomenal players on the same team with Jordan.

Basketball is a team sport.

Too many superstars spoil the soup.

Comparing a young Kyrie Irving in his prime to Dwayne Wade is ridiculous. Any team in the NBA would trade Dwayne Wade for Kyrie Irving right this second. Kyrie Irving is arguably the best ball handler in the NBA right now.

Cavs are going to dominate the Eastern conference this season.

As I said above, "Kyrie is the Cav's version of Dwayne Wade, certainly better in 2014 than Wade." Emphasised to help you.

Not sure I agree with your final assessment, but the Republican National Convention (in Cleveland next year) was just moved from June to July so as to not conflict with the NBA Finals.

And the Vegas boyz just upped their stats to show the Cavs as a 4 to 1 favorite to win it in 2015 - up from 60 to 1 before the James move.

So others certainly agree with you. :)

Okay marty, humor me, who is going to challenge the Cavaliers in the East? The Bulls with a gimpy D rose? The heat with Dwayne Wade playing 65-70 games? Washington? Brookyln after losing Paul pierce and with Kevin Garnett another year older? Indiana after they lose Lance Stephenson? Like I said: Cavs will dominate the East. :)

Ha ha ha, you forgot the Knicks. Oh wait, no you didn't! lolol

Even the biggest Knicks homers know that is not happening this season. I left them out on purpose. At least in keeping Melo we have a team that will make the playoffs. The knicks were not as bad as their record showed last season. I think they would have beaten the pacers in the first round as the 8 seed last year if they made the playoffs.

I'm not saying that the Cavs prognosis isn't much better than it was before the James move. I just don't like to make projections this far out. Too many things can happen in the off-season. And I don't like favorites.

I like underdogs. I'm hoping Melo will take the Knicks on his shoulders this year like he did his one year at the 'Cuse and refuse to lose.

But to make a really great come-back movie, he shoulda signed a 1 year contract... it would have been the equivalent of Babe Ruth pointing to the seats. :)

...Babe Ruth pointing to the seats.

Yes, if such a thing ever happened, the wiki is not so sure,

Ruth's second home run in game 3 probably would have been merely an exclamation point for the 1932 World Series and for Ruth's career, had it not been for reporter Joe Williams... At the time, Ruth did not clarify the matter, initially stating that he was merely pointing towards the Cubs dugout to tell them he still had one more strike. At one point very early on, he said, "It's in the papers, isn't it?" In another interview, this one with respected Chicago sports reporter John Carmichael, Ruth said he did not point to any particular spot, but that he just wanted to give the ball a good ride. Soon, however, the media-savvy Ruth was going along with the story that he had called his shot, and his subsequent versions over the years became more dramatic. On one newsreel footage, Ruth voiced over the called shot scene with the remarks, "Well, I looked out at center field and I pointed. I said, 'I'm gonna hit the next pitched ball right past the flagpole!' Well, the good Lord must have been with me."

But good analogy none the less. My vote: ADIF

Everybody knows that