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Kedacom NVR Only Exports .Asf Files And Own Format - Need Local Player That Supports .Asf And Four Channel Playback.

I am currently facing a problem in which I have to be able to export video files and then play them on a separate Laptop.

The Manufacturer only offers a VMS which can be used to sync play the recording directly from the NVR via Ethernet. Sadly this is not an option.

The only option is to export the files and view them on a separate player. this is where i got stuck. The manufacturers local player can only view one channel at a time. The NVR is able to export .asf files and its own format. So i have to find a local player which can play 4 channels .asf files synchronized.


maybe someone got confronted with such problem before and can help me out!


Thanks in advance


Philipp Haroun

Is this video that is going to be used in a court for criminal or civil complaint? I just want to understand the scope of your issue, you are trying to watch all 4 at the same time, in a 2x2 window, or one after the other? Is the video timestamped in an On Screen Display? 

Philipp, it would help if you specified the manufacturer / model of the NVR so users with experience can comment.

Hi Rob,



I'm talking about

Manufacturer: Kedacom

NVR: NVR1821-04009A

VMS: NVR Station (V5)

Local Player: NVR Local Player (V5)

Hi Sean,

thanks for the quick reply!

It is going to be used for industry optimization. And the videos should be played in a 2x2 window. The files from the manufacturer are time stamped. I'm not sure about the .asf files though. These are standard files which can be played with nearly every player. just not all 4 videos in a 2x2 window.

So I was going to recommend Windows Essentials Live Movie Maker is free and a simple way to manually combine the ASF files into a 2x2 layout... but it was discontinued, and is no longer available for download on Windows 10.

There are plenty of other Free Movie editors available, but I don't have experience with them, using iMovie or the full version of Adobe Premiere is what I would normally use. Adobe Premiere can definitely do what you need but isn't cheap.

One way to do this would be to use a HDMI/VGA recording device between the NVR and the Monitor.  It will screen capture whatever you are looking at locally.  It won't be watermarked, but it will present the views.  I have bought several for around $100.00USD and they record to a local thumb drive.