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NUUO Titan & HIK Vision Ip Cameras

What can you tell me about Nuuo Titan & HikVision ip cameras.

Are they of good quality stable products ?

When you compare Nuuo VMS with example Mobotix or other VMS ?

Hik-Vision ip Cameras when compared to Vivotek or Atrecont?

Thanks & Regards,

Karim Cassar

Hikvision can be fairly compared to Vivotek or Arecont. See our Hikvision IP camera test results from last year.

Also, here's our review of NUUO Titan. I think it's closer to Exacq (big picture wise). Mobotix is a decentralized / mostly closed VMS offering so it's not really comparable to NUUO or any other mainstream VMS.

Thanks John but overall do you consider Titan a stable system and suggest NUUO TITAN vMS for systems more than 150 cameras ?

Also MR John do you have statistics report of best and worst VMS and ip cameras please ?

Karim, I do not know about performance with 150+ cameras.

We have survey statistics report on favorite VMSes, favorite IP cameras and worst IP cameras.

For a 150 camera system you should consider something that scales better than NUUO which is limited to 64 cameras on a server and is designed to be uses as both client and server. Better to conisder something with a more distributed architecture. Not that there is anything wrong with NUUO, just not best option of a 150 camera system.

[IPVM Editor Note: This response is from NUUO]

While a single server Titan can indeed handle up to 64 cameras per server, the built in Main Server/Sub server feature enables live view, playback and control of up to 100 Titan servers via one single server.

The upcoming FW version is supposed to offer complete enterprise managment for an unlimited number of servers.

I've had good results in using Hikvision cameras with Titan NVRs, though not my preferred choice for cameras.