Nurse Call - What Systems You Like And Why

Hey everyone. I know a lot of security integrators deal with nurse call systems as well, so this seemed like an appropriate place to ask: What nurse call systems do you like, and why? I work for an organization that's interested in potentially making some changes to how nurse call is handled, and would like to solicit input.

So, what brands do you like? What features do you think are absolutely necessary? What ones are helpful? What ones are cool, and nice to have? Systems to avoid?

Nurse call is a pretty dealer oriented-driven/controlled market. Like Fire Alarms or Access, but worse. :)

In my area, many nurse call systems are Jeron. There is nothing remarkable technology-wise, but you must be a certified dealer to sell or support them.

Not many endusers shop technology differentiation for nurse call, so dealers are typically not prepared to contrast offerings. All they know is the system gets installed once (after the manufacturer has worked to be written in to the construction specification), and then maintained for decades afterward. Even replacing things like pull cords is a grudge purchase by the customer.