Dahua Video Broke In Chrome (Npapi Plugin Issue)

Anyone who uses Dahua products and Google Chrome knows that you might no longer have the ability to view your video streams due to Google ending npapi plugin support.

My question is, other than using IE (which also is being ended), how are you overcoming this issue?

Do the manufacturers like Dahua plan on releasing replacement firmware using non-npapi based plugins? This is where western brands might be a little safer because I think they have a better handle on firmware/software updates.

Google is blocking the NPAPI platform by default. However, it is still available. Try the following.

1) Type chrome://flags/#enable-npapi
2) Enable NPAPI
3) Enable Native Client
4) Restart Chrome
5) Connect to device

I have tried those steps and am still unable to see video streams from Dahua devices. I am usure if it is the version of Chrome I'm using (x64) or if it is some other software/corruption keeping me from seeing the video streams.

Either way, NPAPI support will be completely eliminated from Chrome this fall anyways.

You might need to disable the renderer lockdown.

chrome://flags/#enable-win32k-renderer-lockdown and select disable.

It is, of course, a temporary solution, but hopefully Dahua is working on it. I think all of us using NPAPI are scrambling for another solution.

Isn't cyber-security such a royal pain in the a** when you're not the one at risk?

Update: NPAPI support is now completely removed in the newest version of Chrome.

You can use a 3rd party Chrome extension like IETab, still a pain but is works for me.


Slightly related: Doesn't HIKvision have a similiar issue/problem? It's so frustrating to not be able to see video in a standard browser. Does anyone know if there are simple ways to get it to work with Chrome? I've seen random "webclient.exe" failures depending on browser version, 64 bit processor, etc.

It feels so 2006 with enabling the right activeX check blocks to see video. These issues should not be continuing in 2015.

Have you tried IETab like Glen says above?