Now You Can Sell Panasonic Scanners, Projectors And Medical Monitors - Wait What?

Take a look at this ad running in trade magazines - "beyond surveillance":

The pitch is that if you are a Panasonic surveillance dealer, you also can resell other Panasonic business solutions, things like computers, scanners, medical imagers, PoS systems, wireless headsets, projectors, VoIP phones, etc.

As we discussed before, Panasonic is going downhill and today's poor showing in the Favorite IP Camera results is a further sign of that.

I just don't get why Panasonic is leading with 'beyond surveillance'. Wouldn't 'better surveillance' or 'cutting edge surveillance' or 'low cost / high value surveillance' be a much stronger value proposition to surveillance dealers???

'low cost / high value surveillance'

Although I can't speak to the breadth nor quality of the Panasonic, nee Matsushita, offering, I can say that the low cost/high value pitch, i.e. the 'you get a lot for your money' one, is in danger of drowning in a vast ocean of similarity.

That said, it doesn't make it worse than some bizzare and disconnected invitation to sell unrelated product, but consider at least the fact that it conveys a message that not everyone can deliver and a confident one at the same time. I'm sure you can hear the CMO chiding his loss-leading Wharton grads with things like "Think everybody! What do we have that seperates us from the rest of these slash and burn outfits?"...

+10 Points for including a normal looking female executive (carefully listening) in a security ad, -5 for cheesy simulated bar chart...