Now Panasonic Adding Smart Codecs

We continue to believe that smart codecs are one of the major new trends. Axis and Hikvision already have released theirs.

Now, Panasonic is announcing it:

"Smart Coding Technology that modifies the encoding compression algorithm in standard H.264 video streams, yielding up to 70 percent improvement in bandwidth reduction to reduce bandwidth has been released.
Available as a free firmware upgrade to all new Panasonic 3, 5 and 6 Series Models, the technology offers significant decreased overall bandwidth usage to effectively lessen the amount of storage needed for recorded images.
Smart Coding technology encoding deploys Group of Picture (GOP) Control; Frequency Divided Filter (FDF); and 3-D Multi-Process Noise Reduction (3D-MNR) to achieve a lower bit rate for recorded images without degrading the captured and transmitted video stream. Combined, these features can effectively provide a substantial bit rate reduction (the number of bits per second that can be transmitted along a digital network) in the recorded video."

Is that essentially all Panasonic cameras? It seems as though they are hitting a broader swath of their product line than Axis has with Zipstream. We have been unable to make use of zip stream as we rarely venture into that range of product.

It's most of the current line, but it may exclude some older models. Notably, those series don't include the 781, their 4K dome model, or the 481, their 4K panoramic. We'll see if we can get more info on why.

Update from Panasonic, they say the firmware will be available end of November / beginning of December. We plan to test it when released.

They are already using H264 hi profile, wonder if its gonna be like their new NV300 where its double encoded (h264 from camera then compressed so says the panasonic dev guy who came 6 months ago) the guy said there was about 3% image quality loss after its all said and done. glad its a free upgrade though most of their "optional" software is not.

I can't imagine that they "double encode" the video. Usually the NVR just lays the video down on the HDD, in my previous experience with Panasonic. If they are losing video quality, that is a huge down side and waste of CPU compared to their previous approach to IP video... I wonder why they would do this.

Then when they add their smart codec, etc., now is their solution compatible? Do they need an update to the NVR, VMS, etc...??