Criminals In North Dakota May Soon Find Themselves Zapped By Tasers From On High

While the Feds continue to mull over their options regarding civilian use of drones, the North Dakota legislature has shown itself to be quite progressive regarding government use of drones, by passing a law which allows police to arm and discharge arms that are not considered weapons of deadly force in flight:

Like Tasers, rubber bullets, tear gas, or all three at once.

The original piece of legislation, as presented by state Rep. Rick Becker, was aimed at making sure police obtained a search warrant to use a drone to seek out criminal evidence. But when Bruce Burkett, a lobbyist with ties to area police, was allowed to amend the bill, it was rewritten to specify that drones could carry anything except weapons capable of lethal force. - USA Today

All of North Dakota's 258 criminals, fearing the worst, have reportedly fled to Canada. ;)

Interesting article conversely more to the post from Undisclosed1 is the editorial itself. It states "may soon find themselves". Just the fact that North Dakota is "quite progressive" in this pursuit suggest my theory, drones will play a role in security applications sooner than later. My poll here 77% voted yes, at least worth a conversation.

I met a guy here in Houston that builds specialized drones for video production companies. With all carbon fiber parts, twin rotors and gimbal mounted camera, it is a very high tech machine. He also can stream 480P video to his video glasses at speeds reaching 50MPH flying through trees. Why not let police use an aerial approach to crowd control, hostage situations, bomb threats?

Disbursement of chemicals, rubber bullets and or tasers not thus far, but it's coming to India.