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No More Certification Needed For Milestone Enterprise

That statement, though kind of vague, seems to indicate that certification is still required for XProtect Enterprise.

Just not the 'Advanced' certification.

"From this date, quoting projects with XProtect Enterprise will be exactly the same as it is for our XProtect Professional and downward product range."

i.e. you would still need their 'Professional' certification.

I spoke with Milestone, and they confirmed that one does not need any certification for Enterprise now.

They also noted that "Advanced Certification will now focus on XProtect Corporate and XProtect Expert. Connex, as of May 21, has, and is, already training people on these new products."

I think it is good that Milestone is focusing on Corporate/Expert as it is a better, more modern offering than Enterprise though I think it may be tricky for those with no Enterprise training to deploy it.

All sounds pretty convoluted to me. Glad I don't have to deal with so many "levels" in software. That said though, one never knows the future, so don't want to burn any bridges ahead of time. Love this Undisclosed feature.

ummm.... why would they not require certification in a higher level of their software (XProtect Enterprise), yet still require certification in a lower level of the same software (Professional cert for XProtect Professional)??

I am pretty sure no certification is required for lower tiers like Professional, Essential, etc. So while there are certifications and training, it is not mandatory.

well, if that is true then I guess that is the answer... :)