Night Cameras On A Hikvision 7716 NVR

Can someone recommend a few good outdoor day/night cameras, that will work on a Hikvision 7716 NVR? Preferrably domes.

The target area is no more than 40-50ft. We are having too many issues with our lower end cameras, especially when it comes to needing to see something in detail.



Price range desired? Integrated IR cameras allowed? Hikvision models only?

The candidates:

Choose line A compatible for DS-7716NI-SP, DS-7716NI-ST or line B for DS-7716NI-E4.

Thank you for the very helpful information.



I would expect to pay $600-900 for the detail and quality we are looking for. And we are not glued to Hikvision cameras. We have 8 of those in the $250-$300 range and they are not the best at night in our application.


Chaz, what's your exact model number of 7716 NVR?



Have you seen this test of the new Hikvision Darkfighter box camera?

They also make a dome, the DS-2CD4526FWD-IZ with IR, that looks to be around $750 street price, can't be certain it's shipping. Has your Hik guy mentioned these?

Just to throw out there, because of your lowlight, price, dome and compatibility requirements.

That Darkfighter model could be interesting, even if the IR is not used, given its super low light performance.