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New Version Of Agent Vi, Savvi

Did any of you see this at ISC West?

If you did, and have some prior knowlege about the current version, What was you thoughts about this new relese?

Whats the big news? just some new bug fixes and new installation frontend or some useful stuff?

cited from Agent Vi homepage

"savVi is being formally launched and presented at ISC West, in Las Vegas, NV., USA on 2-4 April 2014 at Agent Vi’s pods within the booths of Axis Communications (#14059), OnSSI (#11075), Milestone Systems (#20060) and Verint (#30056). "

I exchanged emails with Agent Vi last week but we need to talk a little more for me to get a sense.

From reading their press release, I could not understand what was going on either :)

I'll update this thread once I speak with them further.

So I exchanged a number of emails with Agent Vi, though I am still struggling to understand what they are claiming is new. A big problem is that they are munging existing features with new improvements. One clear change they note is a "Single Application for Administration, Configuration, Analytics Rule Definitions and Monitoring (replaces Vi-Config, Vi-Setup, Vi-Monitor)"

They also talked about overall effiiciency and accuracy improvements but it is not clear to me how substantial they are.

savVi might be a better brand / marketing term but it seems that Agent Vi is still Agent Vi, perhaps moderately better.

Okey, thanks John.

I guess its a natural progression of the software ie improving efficiensy and so on then. But thats a good thing for analytics if they have improved their accuracy.

If/when i get my hands on the new software and put it to the test at our testsites i can post an update, if anyone is intrested.


// Snowman

John, any plans for an updated "Video Analytics" comparison? say Agent Vi vs BriefCam, others?

We have plans to test BriefCam in the next few months. Agent Vi has been on the list, but lower priority.

We have plans to test Hikvision's on-board analytics as well in the next month, as soon as we receive cameras we've ordered.

Hi, Ethan,

where can u get the camera of all brands?

Hi Linsen,

Do you mean where can we, IPVM, get cameras of all brands? Generally, we buy them from online stores or distributors. We're actually delayed in testing that Hikvision camera because the re-seller we bought it from has not shipped it to us yet.

Could you please send me the major online stores IPVM uses? THX!


Since we buy limited qualities of a wide array of products, we don't have a 'major' or 'favorite' place. For what we need (reasonable quickly delivery, low price), most places work out fine. However, if we were buying hundreds of cameras, we might care more about RMAs and tech support, etc. Those are not concerns for us but we are not a typical buyer in that respect.

Thx John. :D

I am looking for a Avigilon H3A camera. It seems to work nice for video analysis, and from the report IPVM published, it has an impressive result for less false alarm. Could u tell where you bought this camera.

Best regards,


For Avigilon, you need to find a local dealer. Avigilon is quite strict at regulating re-sales so you'll need to check locally who is a dealer. You can also talk to someone in Avigilon sales in your region.

Could you please send me the major online stores IPVM uses? THX!

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