New Technology Tests List

We are planning a series of new technology tests. By 'technology', we mean certain features or functions that are new, emerging or changing. Examples of this include WDR, panoramics, covert cameras, etc. Of course, we will test actual products but the focus will be understanding and reporting on the fundamental tradeoffs of the feature / function.

Here's a list of upcoming / potential technology tests we are planning:

  • 30fps vs 60fps
  • Integrated IR cameras (shootout)
  • Advanced Motion Detection (things like Axis Motion Detection 2.1 and Mobotix's upcoming offering)
  • Trail cameras (like for hunters but sometimes used for surveillance)
  • multi-megapixel lens shootout (sequel to our 2011 HD lens shootout)
  • EF lens on conventional HD surveillance cameras
  • GoPro Hero 4K vs a surveillance camera

What else would you add? Your recommendations will help shape our upcoming tests.

Test Equipment: Lens FOV calculators, signal generators, cable testers, IP camera testers, etc.

Monitors, 3rd party joystick controls, enclosures for box cams specifically for the environment its being installed in.

Image stabilzation?

Mesh networks for wireless infrastructure (back bone) , instead of costly fibernetworks... Digging is sooo expensive.

I would like to see an analysis of current hosted/cloud solutions both feature/performance comparison and a pricing model.


you have any data on comparison material on cloud?

newer value line MP camera shootout. How well do these cameras see in the dark and WDR.

SD technology update..... Axis has the 64G card, so must be using SDXC? Where's that going, and is anyone else using/will be using SDXC cards? When can we expect to see 1G cards (half the theoretical limit)?

Which industry players are expanding edge offerings? (both camera makers and VMS providers)

Who is using/will be using the 'edge' to store data vs simple redundancy?